How to Choose an Olive Oil

How to Choose an Olive Oil

We have a few new bottles in the shop featuring oil from last fall's harvest! So how does one choose an olive oil? Choose based on your taste preferences and how you are going to use it. Here are a few descriptors on some of our favorite bottles from around the world.  
  • Colli Etruschi Tuschia DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an award-winning oil that always scores high from graders and guides. This Italian cooperative producer is probably our favorite on the market and always produces great oils.  The DOP Tuscia is there reserve oil made with the best crops of the year, it has grassy artichoke notes and a hint of acidity. Drizzle it over any dish that could use some brightening, like a creamy pasta or soup.
  • Decemi #51 Slow Food Presidio Olive Oil is a rare Umbrian olive oil that is a Slow Food item, numbered with its year of harvest. With nutty, elegant notes, it's a true stunner with a green peppercorn finish to its grassiness. A bottle for the finest dishes or simply served with fresh bread.
  • Les Terroirs de Marrakech Olive Oil comes from Marrakech and is well-balanced, starting with herbal, fruity notes and finishing with a distinct black pepper tickle. 
  • Philippos Hellenic Goods Organic Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of course organic and has low acidity, it is smooth and approachable. 
  • The Spanish oil we have in the shop, L'Estornell Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a greener hue with fresh vegetal notes and a mild spicy finish. Great for cooking or dressing a salad.

Check out all of our olive oils HERE.

Thoughtful, Delicious Gifts For Mom

Thoughtful, Delicious Gifts For Mom

Gifts to Suit Mom's Taste
What's more thoughtful than just flowers? An experience that suits Mom's tastebuds perfectly. We have three Mom's Day gift sets ready for you to pick up or ship to her door.  
Picnic for the Mom with a Subtle Sweet Tooth
$35 $40
Bibamba Chocolate Bark
Petite Billy Soft Goat Cheese
Heidi’s Raspberry Red Chili Jam
Hayden Flour Mills Crackers

A Spread for the Lady Who Likes Savory & Spice
$45 $55
Big McKinley Cheddar
Jasper Hill Harbison Cheese
Il Porcellino Nduja
Bavarian Meats Spicy Lanjaeger
Trois Petits Chochons Piquant Cornichons
Brewer’s Crackers - Everything Spent Grain

For the Mom Who Likes a Gourmet Snack Selection
$28 $32
Ash Creek Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts
Kolsvart Swedish Gummi Fish
Morgan Provisions Parmesan Truffle Potato Chips
Brami Lupini Snacking Beans
    Order Here

    Celebrate Mom with Chocolate & Babette's

    We are getting a special Babette's delivery for Mother's Day! Their Moelleux Chocolate Molten Cake is back, made with Valrhona chocolate, it is rich and decadent. These little cakes will be made fresh on Sunday, the 9th, and available for pickup at our shop after 12pm that day. We have a very limited supply so get your pre-order in ASAP before they're gone. 

    Also, we are able to accept pre-orders for their Gros de Sel bread again! Check out their other pastries and breads to order for Mother's Day Brunch HERE.
      Click HERE for Molten Chocolate Cake
      Easy Seafood Ideas for Lent and Beyond

      Easy Seafood Ideas for Lent and Beyond

      Conservas are our dinner hack.
      What are conservas exactly? Conservas are tinned or canned fish and they can make your meal prep a breeze. The average can of tuna on a typical shelf is nothing special, BUT just like there are artisans curing salami, there are special preserved seafood creations too, made by masters of the craft. In Europe, conservas are a part of the culture, it's time we embrace it too.

      In places like Spain, conservas are often served simply, with bread, fresh greens and wine, but here are some other ways to enjoy the artisan seafood we carry:

      Ready-To-Serve Favorites
      Fish Dinners
      Sandwich Ideas

      Let us know which recipe idea strikes your fancy and we will have your order packed up for you for pick-up or shipping. Or come shop our conservas selection in the store!
      It's Fondue Season!

      It's Fondue Season!

      It's Fondue Season!
      Whether you are hitting the slopes or staying in for a Valentine's Day celebration, fondue is your ticket to delicious success. Whatever your vibe is this coming weekend, the perfect way to cap off a day is around a cozy pot of fondue that you can easily make at home.
      Use our tried and true traditional fondue cheese mix or switch things up and try our Alpine Special Edition if you're feeling more adventurous. This new option packs more sharp, funky flavor from a different mix of Alpine-style cheeses. Find our fondue recipe below. Stop in for all the ingredients and dipping items for a fondue night or place an order for delivery or pickup here
      St. Kilian’s Classic Fondue
      2 garlic cloves, halved crosswise
      1 cup white wine
      1 Tbsp cornstarch or 2 Tbsp flour
      2 Tbsp kirsch (optional)
      1/2 pound Gruyere, shredded
      1/2 pound Comte, shredded
      1/4-1/2 pound Appenzeller, shredded
      -Rub the inside of your fondue pot or heavy pot with the cloves of garlic, add wine and bring to a simmer at med-low heat
      -mix cornstarch in a bowl with shredded cheeses
      -gradually add shredded cheese to the pot in small amounts, whisk cheese with a spoon and wait until cheese is completely melted and incorporated before adding more cheese
      -when all cheese has been added, add kirsch to finish (if fondue is to thin you can add some additional cornstarch to the kirsch before adding)
      -lower heat on fondue pot or place regular pot over a sterno to keep warm Our favorite for serving is a cubed up sourdough bread and tart apples, but you can also try roasted potatoes, or fresh veggies for dipping.
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      Super Snack Ideas for the Big Game

      Super Snack Ideas for the Big Game

      A grazing board of cheese and charcuterie is always a good choice for game day. Stop by the shop this weekend to pick one up or order online to have your order ready to go.
      In the mood for something different? Here are 3 of our favorite easy snack ideas:

      #1. Soft Pretzels and Queso 
      Colorado-made On Tap Kitchen's Soft Pretzels are quick, easy and delicious. They are great warmed in the oven or our favorite way to enjoy is with Leigh Olivers White Hot Queso dip, pictured above.

      #2  Ultimate Popcorn with Truffle and Parmesan
      Casina Rossa Truffle Salt & Cheese is a blend of seal salt, black truffle and dried Parmigiano Reggiano. Add it to fresh popcorn that’s lightly coated with melted butter or olive oil for the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted

      #3 Arepas Snack Sandwiches
      A new addition at St. Kilian’s, Arepas Point Venezuelan-style corn arepas are a great vessel for all kinds of snacks. Our personal favorite is Italian Sausage, provolone and peppers. New Italian style peppers in Jar from Monteleone are a great addition to Lonardo’s sausage or your favorite protein, stuff them all inside a fresh cooked Arepas. Grab the arepas in our shop or order online here.

      Want a few other easy idea?
      We love Sweet Grass Dairy's Pimento Cheese, made with an award-winning tomme cheese. Or Cream City Market's classic curds
      Flatirons Food Film Festival: Craft Chocolate Pairing

      Flatirons Food Film Festival: Craft Chocolate Pairing

      The Flatirons Food Film Festival kicks off on 1/28 and runs until 2/5, don't miss out! It will be held virtually this year, so you can enjoy all of the films from the comfort of your couch. To pair with the program, they have put together some fun food pairings. You can check them all out on their website. We are excited to have curated one of the pairings. The craft chocolate flight was put together in honor of one of the films, Setting the Bar: A Craft Chocolate Origin Story.

      Grab tickets to view the films HERE and anyone can purchase the craft chocolate trio HERE.