Our Favorite Balsamic with Summer Tomatoes

Our Favorite Balsamic with Summer Tomatoes
Tomato season is in full swing! Many of you have asked which balsamic is best to drizzle over a caprese. 

Well, here it is... our go-to is Maletti IGP Balsamic Vinegar. This certified balsamic is aged in wine barrels and comes out thick with rich flavors and a delicate finish without the vinegar burn. Flavors of tart cherry and clean acidity make this the closet thing we've found to Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale. Perfect for drizzling over tomatoes, peaches, salads and even vanilla ice cream.

Here's our guide to vinegars for every occasion, can't decide?  Stop by and try for yourself!
  • Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar: Full-bodied and complex, we like to use this vinegar in marinades. Simply combine with chopped garlic, salt and pepper and you are set for big flavor.
  • Organic Citrus Balsamic Vinegar: This brightly-flavored vinegar is perfect drizzled over salmon, in a summer pasta salad or shaken into a vodka cocktail.
  • Sofia Organic White Balsamic Vinegar: This white vinegar is rich, while still being bright and light. Its perfect balance makes it the secret ingredient to making the best salad dressings. It also makes a great sauce for a watermelon dish.
  • Organic Aged Balsamic Vinegar - VR Aceti: With very low acidity and a rich, dense texture, the sweetness comes forward with complex flavors of fig and caramel.  We like this balsamic with grilled steak or adding a dash of it to a Negroni, props to Stanley Tucci for the idea.

See all vinegars HERE.

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