A Quick Guide To Cheddar

A Quick Guide To Cheddar
We have a few fun wheels of cheddars in the shop right now! But what exactly is a cheddar?

Cheddar first originated in the town of Cheddar in England, but today it can be made anywhere in pretty much any style and still be called a cheddar. We love cheddar and it's so much more than Kraft!
  • English Cheddar: English or English-style cheddars tend to be more complex with earthy and nutty flavors, versus just sharp. The traditional method of wrapping wheels in cloth and rubbing with lard or "bandaging" then aging in large round wheels is the truest form of cheddar. Neal's Yard Dairy based in London has helped preserve these classic artisan cheeses and helped producers of cheddar and other English territorial cheeses survive and flourish.  We work directly with Neal's Yard to select the very best cheeses seasonally.
  • Waxed Cheddars: Many cheddars from areas like Wisconsin, Vermont and Ireland are made in large rectangle blocks and tend to be covered in wax. The wax allows the cheese to be aged for a longer period of time without drying out. Generally, these cheddars are sharper and are either yellow or white in color. They can be aged for as much as 10 years and along with the signature sharpness, they also develop tyrosine crystals for a crunch and a natural sweetness.
Some of our Favorites in the Shop Now
  •  Quebec Extra Vintage is aged for 7 years! Made in the Canadian province that produces the most cheddars, it it sharp.
  • Big Mckinley is an English-Style aged cheddar made in California. It skews more towards the nutty, grassy, crunchy side, almost like a gouda, with a hint of sharp acidity. It is aged for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Cabot Clothbound is made in Vermont and is a beige color, typical to the state's style. It is crumbly and nutty, with some tang on the finish.
  • Irish Cheddar is of course made from the milk of grazing cows in Ireland. It is the traditional wax block-style, sharp, but not as sharp as the Quebec above. Great for mac and cheese.
  • Coming soon to the cheese case - the return of one of our favorites Pitchfork Cheddar and the brand new Cornell Clothbound Cheddar!

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