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On Tap Kitchen: Pretzels That Aren't Bland

On Tap Kitchen: Pretzels That Aren't Bland

The Perfect WFH Snack
Desk snacking is a must when working from home, we get it. On Tap Kitchen was born to make quality snacks for Colorado breweries and then grew up to challenge the prevailing notion that crunchy pretzels are always bland. They source as many ingredients as they can from Colorado and make fun flavors to tantalize your tastebuds. Their Original Salted Pretzels even won a 2020 Good Food Award, recognizing their pretzels' pure tastiness as well as their prioritization of sustainability and quality in our sourcing and manufacturing! Check out the flavors we carry here and fun recipe ideas below beyond just snacking. (No judgements if you want to simply snack away!)
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  • Pretzel Panzanella Salad: That fresh salad that uses crusty bread that we all love? Well you can swap out the bread for your favorite On Tap pretzel flavor. YUM.
  • Every cheese and charcuterie board needs some crunch. Add a sweet or spicy On Tap pretzel to the spread to round it out.
  • Rather than the usual pita chips, serve your hummus dip with pretzels bites.
New Pantry Items: Falafel, Golden Milk & Lily Pops

New Pantry Items: Falafel, Golden Milk & Lily Pops

We have some new items in the shop that we are excited about!

Truffle & Salt Lily Pops
If you love truffle like we do, you'll love these pops. Made from popped water lily seeds, these fun snacks are baked to crispy perfection and topped with Ritrovo truffle salt.

Baba's Falafel
For those of you who have had Baba's Falafel at their food truck, you already know how delicious their chickpea-fava cakes are. You can now find them in our freezer section! They make for a great, quick dinner any day of the week.

Golden Milk
This flavorful spice blend features turmeric, an ancient Ayurvedic spice, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger. Not only are these known for healing properties, but they make for a bold flavor combo that will awaken your senses.


These items will be coming to our online store soon!