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Boost Your Immune System with Real Roots

Boost Your Immune System with Real Roots

While you’re at home, you might as well be working on your immune system! We have fresh Real Roots in the shop, each ginger turmeric bottle helps cleanse the body, boosts immune system functions and improves circulation. With each purchase, you’ll be supporting Real Roots, a small, local business that we love carrying in our shop.

You can place an order with minimal contact by using our delivery or pickup services. Give us a call or place an order on our website. Enjoy 15% off with code TOGO.

Besides taking regular shots of this good stuff to keep our bodies strong, it’s also great stirred into a bowl of oatmeal. Simply combine with your oats + 3 oz Ginger Turmeric Shot + 3 oz milk + 2 tablespoons sugar.
Or blend it up into a mood-boosting smoothie of spinach, milk, walnuts, banana, and their Ginger Turmeric. If you're a chai tea fan, try their golden recipe with 4oz chai tea, 2oz of milk and 2oz of their Ginger Turmeric goodness. And let’s be real, it also makes for a great cocktail mixer for your next virtual happy hour.
Real Roots is a community company that believes we are all in this together and they can bring you health on your journey.
The Farmer's Market is over, but we have your favorites!

The Farmer's Market is over, but we have your favorites!

Farmer's Market season is over, but don't worry. We have your favorites in the shop. 
Summer is over (oh hey, snow) and the Sunday farmer's market has ended. Don't fret! We carry some of the items from local producers who were at the market in our shop, so you can devour their delicious items all year long. One of our favorite market tables is Nummy Nibbles. This Denver-based company creates sauces inspired by Indian flavors that makes cooking super easy and flavorful for you. Check out the different varieties we carry here.

Check out some other market faves you can find at St. Kilian's: