NYE Pairing: Decadent Cheese & Sparkling Wine

NYE Pairing: Decadent Cheese & Sparkling Wine
Put out the cheese & pop some bubbles.
In our humble opinion, this is the best way to finish up 2019 and welcome in the New Year. Check out our favorite cheese and sparkling wine pairings: 
  • Langres & Champagne: This small wheel of cheese with an orange-y rind is creamy with notes of mushrooms. It comes from the same region of France as Champagne wine and is often served with a splash of bubbly right on the wheel. Find the cheese in the shop.
  • Bucheron & Prosecco: Serve a soft goat cheese with your favorite Prosecco. This easily-enjoyable wine is ideal with the lemony flavors of a creamy goat cheese. Find the cheese in the shop and on our site.
  • St. Agur & Champagne: Let the richness of this creamy blue cheese coat your tongue and be delighted when the bubbles from the fine wine coat your tongue and get your tastebuds watering for more. Find the cheese in the shop and on our site.
  • Raclette & Cava: Raclette cheeses are often described as creamy, fruity and salty. A perfect duo with simply satisfying Spanish Cava. Check out our raclette array here or in the shop..
Indulge in truffle cheeses.
We have a few special truffle cheeses in the shop right now, besides the usual Truffle Noir and Moliterno. Truffle Brie comes to our case just once a year and it is just begging to be invited to your New Year's party. If you're serving raclette before the ball drops, be sure to grab a wedge of truffle raclette to really celebrate.

Happy New Year!

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