The Perfect Pasta Sauce for Every Mood

The Perfect Pasta Sauce for Every Mood

We love a good pasta night. It's quick, filling and such a crowd-pleaser. To make our lives easier, we found the best Italian jarred pasta sauce to sell in the shop. And there's one for whatever you're craving!

Made in Abruzzo, Italy, by Casina Rossa. These sauces would gain the approval of your Italian grandmother, but unlike her homemade version you don't have to spend hours standing over the stove to make an awesome sauce. The ingredients are clean, simple, and delicious. Just heat and serve! Check out the sauces and a few ideas of what to pair each jar:


If You're In the Mood for a Filled Pasta

Classic Abruzzo Red Sauce

This beloved sauce is perfect with a cheese-filled pasta, like the Four Cheese Sachetti we keep in our freezer at the cheese shop. A classic.

When You Want a Rich Dinner

Due Formaggi

Try this silky, rich pasta sauce featuring two kinds of cheese with orecchiette served with diced prosciutto and broccolini.

When You Want to Keep it Simple


This sweet and savory sauce is delicious served simply with bucatini pasta and Parmigiano Reggiano.

When You're Feeling Luxurious

Vodka Sauce

With a dash of vodka and cream, this sauce is great for when you are feeling decadent. Serve with a crab or lobster ravioli.

For the Truffle Lover


If you love truffles, this sauce will tickle your tastebuds. Serve the rich sauce with an egg pasta, like Tajarin, or polenta.

Meat-Lover Approved


This mushroom-loaded sauce is easy to serve with a meaty pasta dish, like Italian sausage, Pecorino Romano and Truccioli Pasta. No complicated recipe needed!

When Comfort Food is Needed


If you're in the mood for comfort food, this is the sauce to choose. Use the sauce as a base for making an easy pasta e fagioli with cavatelli pasta, vegetable stock, lamb dumplings or pan roasted veggies.

Check out all of the sauces HERE.

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