Support Cheesemakers with a Victory Cheese Box

Support Cheesemakers with a Victory Cheese Box
We love American cheese
And we would be so sad if it went away. The COVID-19 crisis is devastating the American cheese industry, from dairy farmers and cheesemakers to distributors, restaurants, and cheese counters across the country. A grassroots collection of cheese professionals – including cheesemakers, mongers, chefs, and cheese guilds from across the country – came together to find ways to help our struggling industry – creating the Victory Cheese Box.

Like the Victory Garden movement of a by-gone era, the Victory Cheese Box is a call for cheese lovers to choose domestically-produced artisan cheese. Each cheese in this box supports a local community or family and reflects a commitment to quality in farming, cheesemaking, and deliciousness in every bite.  In addition to supporting cheesemakers by purchasing their product, we'll donate an additional $10 from each box to our Covid-19 charity fund that is helping to support food related charities.

Each St. Kilian's Victory Cheese Box varies, but we'll select a range of 3-4 cheeses from some our favorite American producers and you'll receive 1 to 1.5 lbs of cheese in total, plus our Redcamper collaboration Mostarda.  If you have any special requests or omissions let us know in the notes on your order, and we'll do our best to accommodate.
In addition to getting delicious cheese, you'll also be supporting great producers during an especially challenging time. Together, let's step up to celebrate and support American cheese.

The Victory box is available now and can be ordered for shipping, pickup or delivery to with our new improved delivery service with scheduled deliveries 7 days a week and a larger area of coverage.
Click HERE to order a Victory Cheese Box.

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