Super Snack Ideas for the Big Game

Super Snack Ideas for the Big Game

A grazing board of cheese and charcuterie is always a good choice for game day. Stop by the shop this weekend to pick one up or order online to have your order ready to go.
In the mood for something different? Here are 3 of our favorite easy snack ideas:

#1. Soft Pretzels and Queso 
Colorado-made On Tap Kitchen's Soft Pretzels are quick, easy and delicious. They are great warmed in the oven or our favorite way to enjoy is with Leigh Olivers White Hot Queso dip, pictured above.

#2  Ultimate Popcorn with Truffle and Parmesan
Casina Rossa Truffle Salt & Cheese is a blend of seal salt, black truffle and dried Parmigiano Reggiano. Add it to fresh popcorn that’s lightly coated with melted butter or olive oil for the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted

#3 Arepas Snack Sandwiches
A new addition at St. Kilian’s, Arepas Point Venezuelan-style corn arepas are a great vessel for all kinds of snacks. Our personal favorite is Italian Sausage, provolone and peppers. New Italian style peppers in Jar from Monteleone are a great addition to Lonardo’s sausage or your favorite protein, stuff them all inside a fresh cooked Arepas. Grab the arepas in our shop or order online here.

Want a few other easy idea?
We love Sweet Grass Dairy's Pimento Cheese, made with an award-winning tomme cheese. Or Cream City Market's classic curds

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