Soft Pretzels are Here!

Soft Pretzels are Here!
We are now carrying On Tap Kitchen's soft pretzels! This local company was born to make quality snacks for Colorado breweries and then grew up to challenge the prevailing notion that crunchy pretzels are always bland. They source as many ingredients as they can from Colorado and make fun flavors to tantalize your tastebuds. Their Original Salted Pretzels even won a 2020 Good Food Award, recognizing their pretzels' pure tastiness as well as their prioritization of sustainability and quality in our sourcing and manufacturing! Check out the flavors we carry here .

They are now offering soft pretzels in our freezer section that you can take home and bake for fresh, soft pretzels. (Time to finally use that pretzel emoji!) The soft pretzels are sold by the half dozen and come with baking instructions. Serve them warm with toppings of your choice: salt, cinnamon sugar, cheese and more! Check them out here.

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