Easy Seafood Ideas for Lent and Beyond

Easy Seafood Ideas for Lent and Beyond
Conservas are our dinner hack.
What are conservas exactly? Conservas are tinned or canned fish and they can make your meal prep a breeze. The average can of tuna on a typical shelf is nothing special, BUT just like there are artisans curing salami, there are special preserved seafood creations too, made by masters of the craft. In Europe, conservas are a part of the culture, it's time we embrace it too.

In places like Spain, conservas are often served simply, with bread, fresh greens and wine, but here are some other ways to enjoy the artisan seafood we carry:

Ready-To-Serve Favorites
Fish Dinners
Sandwich Ideas

Let us know which recipe idea strikes your fancy and we will have your order packed up for you for pick-up or shipping. Or come shop our conservas selection in the store!

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