Celebrate A Local Charcuterie Maker

Celebrate A Local Charcuterie Maker
By now, you've heard of the Victory Cheese Boxes we are putting together. We have a new one that we are super excited about!

This special box focuses on artisan charcuterie by Bill Miner of Il Porcellino Salumi, just up the road in the Berkeley neighborhood.  We've put together a Victory cheese box that includes 3 cheeses from some our favorite American artisan cheese producers, each perfectly paired with an Il Porcellino salami.

Boxes are available for pickup at St. Kilian's and Il Porcellino in Denver. They can also be delivered locally or shipped nationwide.

The box makes a great gift or it can set the scene for a special date night or celebration at home.
What's in a box? Here's an example:
  • Saucisson Sec Salami - Il Porcellino, Denver CO - Traditional French Style Salami with Garlic, Black Pepper, and Carboy Malbec Wine
  • Finback - Mystic Cheese Company, Groton CT - Savory and complex English style bandaged cheese
  • Orange Pistachio Salami - Il Porcellino, Denver CO - Sicilian Style Salami seasoned with Garlic, Fresh Orange Zest, and Sicilian Pistachios
  • Sofia - Capriole Goat Cheese, Greenville, IN - Loire valley inspired good food award winning ashed rind goat, delicate on the inside and flavorful on the edges
  • Diablo Salami - Il Porcellino, Denver CO - A Calabrese Style Salami seasoned with Fennel Seeds and both Whole & Ground Calabrian Chiles.
  • Cabrillo - Stepladder Ranch & Creamery, Cambia CA
  • Redcamper Mostarda
The Victory box is available now and can be ordered for shipping, pickup or delivery. We now a have a new and improved delivery service with scheduled deliveries 7 days a week and a larger area of coverage in Colorado.
Our friends and neighbors, Il Porcellino Salumi, is located just north of our shop, in the Berkley neighborhood. They make some of the finest artisan charcuterie in the United States.  No longer a local secret after multiple awards including Good Food Awards and Grand Champion at Charcuterie Masters, their local deli has expanded to full wholesale production in Basalt, CO.

We're proud to partner with Il Porcellino and stock the majority of their line in our shop, including retail salami's and a rotating collection on the deli slicer.  If you enjoy these products make sure to check out their deli off of Tennyson for some of the best sandwiches in the Denver area.

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